Humble Sandwich

Cautionary tales you can eat.

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My teeny-tiny heart fails annually to understand the motivations behind observing a holiday that seems to be powered by a perfect storm of anxiety, howling desperation, and intolerable smugness.

But, I’m trying to be a cheerier, healthier person by changing my attitude toward Valentine’s Day and celebrating it with the same enthusiasm I reserve for holidays like Halloween or the Fourth of July - by mentioning my “celebration” plans once during casual conversation in the office breakroom to maintain the illusion that I enjoy human conversations and then buying discounted merchandise at CVS the next day.  

I also decided to make valentines for my lady friends.  Inspired by smugness and apathy, Sherlock-themed cards seemed an appropriate choice. So, in a very healthy manner, I spent hours scouring the internet for pictures of Benedict Cumberbatch.


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