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My Little Bit of Gishwhes







180. IMAGE. This is an item, the outcome of which, will rear its head later and you may have an opportunity to participate in something very strange and wonderful: complete workable architectural drawings for a beautiful, 9 foot by 9 foot, post and beam, open-air teahouse of redwood construction. The teahouse is to be built on an existing 9’X9’ concrete pad. The structure must be designed to be comfortable and accessible to humans, must require no plumbing or electrical, have no doors (just an open entrance), and instead of windows, just openings. Design must call for no nails or screws, only mortises, tenons and pegs (with steel bolts to tie it to the slab).

My sister (yeah, the same one who did that SPN Birthday Video) wanted so badly to participate in GISHWHES this year, but couldn’t due to school obligations.  So, when one of the items called for seriously real and intensely detailed plans of a teahouse, my Interior Architect kid sis stepped up for Team Babysharks in a super hardcore way and busted out this beauty in less than 12 hours.  You can (and should) read her entire, dramatic re-telling HERE.

UGH, I’m just so proud. 

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It’s a sign.

Some production that was shooting near my apartment left behind a basecamp sign when they wrapped that just said SANDWICH, and I jokingly mentioned to my boyfriend that I needed it for reasons.  

We laughed and then forgot about it.

A few days later, it’s midnight and I’m in my pajamas and said boyfriend busts into our bedroom already holding pliers and goes, “You want to go get that sign?”  And I scream, “YES!” and run into the other room to change into all black clothing like I’m a cat burglar, and when I meet him in the hallway, I see that he’s wearing all black too.  It’s 95° out, and yet, we both independently decided to wear black turtlenecks because if we’re going to liberate a sign in the middle of the night like spies, we’re going to be goddamn authentic as fuck about it.

It was a two minute job, add two more for laughter and complaints about sweating. The sign comes down easily, and we take a long detour back to our apartment “to confuse witnesses,” of which there were approximately zero.  

Long story short:


A dream is a wish your heart makes (and your hands steal).

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Who’s to blame for one adult writing a birthday song about Supernatural set to Frozen’s “For the First Time In Forever” for her equally adult sister?

It’s me, you guys. I’m to blame.  

Hey sis, there ain’t no me if there ain’t no you.

(FYI, 9/10 spoilers.)

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The whales, you see, eat up the little fish.

For my 24th birthday, I threw a small party at my apartment.  It was small, because I was still a bit new to LA and did not have many friends, and it was at my apartment because I am an introvert and see above.

I truly felt that this was my very first birthday as a real, established adult. I had my own place, I had a job, only half of my furniture had been scavenged from alleyways.  I wanted to celebrate like an adult.

So obviously, I ordered a custom Fudgie the Whale cake that said “Have a Whale of a Birthday!” on it and I scowled at the Carvel employee that judged me with her eyes when I said the cake was for me. 

Fudgie is delicious, and unsurpisingly, we ran out of him pretty quickly. The people who’d missed out on the cake were a little disappointed, but eventually moved on because there was still liquor.

The part of the story I’m not telling you is this: There was another cake in the freezer.  I’d actually purchased two cakes knowing full-well that I’d run out of cake, but for some reason that I still can’t explain, when I was asked if there was more cake, I leaned against the freezer like a cartoon bear hiding jam pots and said, “Nope.”

So, for those of you who were at that party - the second cake said, “Whale, hello there.”  And I ate it.

I ate the whole thing.

By myself.

And I still don’t regret it.

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